Post #5

The possibilities for web-based resources to support student learning are endless.  I could use web-based resources to create crossword puzzles, worksheets, study guides, as well as for my own benefit when it comes to creating lesson plans.  An education world that does not have the internet is simply unimaginable.  It’s crazy to think that at one time, for a long time at that, educators did not have these resources.  We have it so easy these days.  A couple websites I found include, (which includes a download), and

In the past, I have used internet-based resourses for probably over a thousand uses related to school work.  When ever I have been in need of extra information that I can’t remember from a lecture, I google the topic.  I have been using this one website called which allows you to create your own flashcards without having to waste paper.  This website has saved me hours of time to use for extra studying.  Whenever I am writing a paper for school, now and also in the past, I have turned to the internet to supply me with extra fun facts.  Basically my uses of the internet for school coincided with those mentioned in the podcast.

I didn’t really learn many new things from this assignment, but mostly because the internet is a huge part of my life.  However, it was nice to exercise what things I did know how to do.  The scholar tool on, is a nice feature that I don’t use often.  I liked this particular assignment because it was more of a checklist, making it a rather objective assignment.  I like those types of assignments because you know that the answer is either right or wrong, instead of having to guess if the teacher is going to consider your answers correct or incorrect.  I can give out assignments like these in my future career to boost confidence in my students.


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